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All Terrain Crane
Features of All Terrain Crane
1. With max lifting capacities ranging from 130 to 1000T, our all terrain cranes can meet customers' various lifting applications.
2. The ergonomically designed cab is spacious and offers the driver a high level of comfort.
3. The all terrain crane is equipped with XCMG unique control system, auxiliary retractable boom system and has failure diagnosis, real-time detection functions.
4. The self-combination counterweight technique can effectively improve the lifting performance by 30%.
5. The electrohydraulic proportional control multi-axle steering technique helps realize many steering modes.

All Terrain Crane Model Max lifting capacity (T) Boom (M) Jib(M)
QAY130 130 50 20
QAY160 160 60 20
QAY180 180 62 20
QAY200 200 61 20
QAY220 220 64 20
QAY240 240 67 20
QAY260 260 70 20
QAY300 300 61 15
QAY400 400 61 7-49
QAY500 500 84 14-56
QAY800 800 84 14-63
QAY1000 1000 100 14-63

QDXG is an all terrain crane supplier based in China. We can provide a wide variety of products, including a crawler crane, truck mounted crane, tractor truck, aerial work platform, concrete pump truck, and crawler bulldozer, among others.

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