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Crawler Crane
Features of Crawler Crane
1. The crawler crane features multiple boom combination for wide operations.
2. The parts of power, drive and hydraulic systems, as well as the wire rope and steels all adopt products of world-famous brands, ensuring high reliability.
3. The open type variable displacement system features low loss of hydraulic pressure, high work efficiency and stepless speed regulation.
4. The crawler crane adopts multiple safety devices to ensure safe and reliable operation.
5. The ergonomically designed cab offers a wide field of view and convenient operation.
6. The crawler crane uses an engine featuring high power, low fuel consumption and long service life.

Crawler Crane Model Max lifting capacity (T) Boom (M)
QUY55 55 13-52
QUY80 80 13-58
QUY100 100 18-72
QUY150 150 19-82
QUY220 220 18-87
QUY260 260 18-87
QUY300 300 18-96
QUY350 350  
QUY450 450  
QUY650 650  

As a specialized crawler crane supplier in China, we offer an extensive line of products that includes an all terrain crane, truck mounted crane, van truck, concrete pump truck, single drum road roller, rotary drilling rig, and more.

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