SQZK1/SQZK2Q Truck Mounted Crane

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SQZK1/SQZK2Q Truck Mounted Crane

SQZK1/SQZK2Q Truck Mounted Crane

Model SQ1ZK2Q SQ2ZK1 Unit
Max Lifting Moment 2 3.2 t.m
Max Lifting Capacity 1400 2000 kg
Recommended Power 7 9 kw
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System 16 20 L/min
Rated Pressure of Hydraulic System 20 20 MPa
Oil Tank Capacity 20 25 L
Rotation Angle All Rotation(360º) 370 º
Crane Weight 450 608 kg
Installation Space 550 680 mm
Choice of Chassis HFC1065KRT ; NKR77PLLWCJAY ; EQ1092FJ1 ; EQ1092FJ ; NKR77PLLWCJAY ; EQ1060GJ20D3 ; JX1060TSG23 ; JX1050TGB23 ; HFC1065KRT ;  

SQ1ZK2Q Lifting Capability

Working Radius (m) 1.33 2.25 3.2
Lifting Capacity (kg) 1500 850 550

SQ2ZK1 Lifting Capability

Working Radius (m) 1.5 3.53 4.78
Lifting Capacity (kg) 2000 900 600

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