SQ25ZK6Q Truck Mounted Crane

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SQ25ZK6Q Truck Mounted Crane

SQ25ZK6Q Truck Mounted Crane

Model SQ25ZK6Q Unit
Max Lifting Moment 62.5 t.m
Max Lifting Capacity 25000 kg
Recommend ed Power 50 kw
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System 80 L/min
Rated Pressure o f Hydraulic System 31.5 MPa
Oil Tank Capacity 300 L
Rotation Angle All Rotation(360º)
Crane Weight 7945 kg
Installation Space 3000 mm
Choice of Chassis

Lifting Capability

Working R adius(m) 2.5 4.22 5.93 7.74 9.59 11.48 13.43 15.45
Lifting C apacity(kg) 25000 14000 9000 6500 5000 4000 3000 2500

Lifting Capability with Optional Jib

Working R adius(m) 18.63 20.31 22.02 23.76 25.53
Lifting C apacity(kg) 1050 950 800 700 600

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