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Rough Terrain Crane
The rough terrain crane is a crane mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires. It is specially designed for off-road and rough terrain applications. Available in two models, the rough terrain crane offers a max lifting capacity of 100KG and a max. boom length of 48m.

Features of Rough Terrain Crane
1. The rough terrain crane offers compacter structure and lighter deadweight compared with cranes of the same class.
2. High efficient control: simultaneous telescoping, elevating, slewing and lifting operations are available.
3. The utilization of single-plate boom head results in reduced boom weight and improved lifting capacity.

Rough Terrain Crane Model Max lifting capacity (KG) Boom(M) Jib(M)
RT60 60 11.32-43 10.1-19
RT100 100 12.4-48 11.8-20.6

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