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Backhoe Loader
XT860 WZ30-25

Our backhoe loader has large power and strong operation capability. Its key components, such as the engine, axle, hydraulic system, and more, are all acquired from famous manufacturers. This improves the reliability of our backhoe loaders.

Technical Specifications of the Backhoe Loader

Model XT860 WZ30-25
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 8100×2366×3680mm 8000×2200×3350 mm
Overall Weight 8400kg 9500kg
Bucket Capacity 0.8 ~ 1.2m3 1.0 m3
Dumping Height 2570 mm 2650mm
Dumping reach 745 mm 930 mm
Digger capacity 0.2 ~ 0.35 m3 0.3 m3
Max. digging depth 4495 mm 4400 mm
Engine model LR4105G90 YC4B90
Rated power 60KW 65 KW
Rated speed 2400r/min 2500r/min
Min. fuel consumption 224g /KWh
Wheel base 2600 mm
Tread 1700mm

Our company is a specialized backhoe loader supplier in China. At QDXG we also offer skid steer loader, crawler bulldozer, open truck, aerial work platform, truck crane, and dump truck, among others.

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