XS142/182J Single Drum Road Roller

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XS142/182J Single Drum Road Roller

This page shows you detailed information on two different models of single drum road rollers.
The single drum road roller is a kind of heavy duty self-propelled vibratory compactor. It can effectively compact various soil layers and rock fill, and can be applied to the constructions of modern freeways, airports, embankment, ports, dams, railways, mines, etc.

Driver Cab
The single drum road roller has a spacious and bright cab to offer operators' wide view angle and great comfortability.

Simple Operation
Reasonable layout of instrument panel, clear control buttons, and a gearbox with synchronizer make the vibration compactor easy for operation.

Reliable and Durable Hydraulic System
Our standard single drum road roller is equipped with imported open gear pump and motor for its hydraulic system. Optional hydraulic system configurations include closed hydraulic vibration system, imported piston pump and motor (16t, 18t). All hydraulic parts have a long service life, supplying stable start-oscillation and oscillation stop and high compacting quality.

Energy-saving and Environmental Friendly Power
Our single drum road rollers are equipped with water cooled Euro I engines with low noise and high power. The maintenance free battery allows the compactor engine to start easily and work smoothly even in low temperatures.

High Efficient and Reliable Vibratory Compacting System
1. The road roller has a high rigidity and high strength drum. Short cylindrical bearings are adopted to ensure high limited rotary speed and strong bearing capacity. Symmetrical design for the left and right vibration chambers effectively prevents the polarization of the drum.
2. The vibratory bearing can be lubricated when the vibration compactor travels. The simple and convenient lubrication method ensures a quite low lubricating system failure rate.
3. Numerical control systems are utilized to ensure the precision performance of our single drum road rollers.

Optional Configuration
Our single drum road roller can be optionally equipped with an integral convex block drum, split convex block drum, or a cab with air conditioning system.

Convenient Maintenance
1. The engine cover is easy for open, and the opening angle is large. This provides easy access to engine parts maintenance.
2. The single drum vibration compactor has a high positioned air intake system which reduces air filter maintenance.

Technical Specifications of Single Drum Road Rollers

Type Unit XS142J XS182J
Working mass kg 14000 18000
Distribution mass on front drum kg 7000 9000
Static linear load N/cm 322 422
Driving speed km/h
I speed 2.7 2.3
II speed 4.8 4.5
III speed 10.5 9.4
Theoretical gradeability % 30 30
Min. outer turning radius mm 6800 6500
Steering angle ±30º ±33º
Swinging angle ±11º ±11º
Vibrating frequency Hz 28 28
Nominal amplitude (High/Low) mm 1.9/0.95 1,9/0,95
Centrifugal force@High/Low Amplitude kN 274/137 320/160
Engine model D4114 D6114
Engine type Water-cooling, supercharged
Max. engine power kW 92@2200r/min 115@1800r/min
Rated oil consumption g/kW.h 230 223
Hydraulic tank capacity L 170 170
Fuel tank capacity L 180 240

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