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Asphalt Paver

Design Advantages of Asphalt Paver
1. This asphalt paver is designed and manufactured based on advanced and mature drive technology.
2. It uses advanced mechanical-electrical-hydraulic technology, which represents the development trends in the construction machinery industry.
3. The asphalt paver has a hydraulic drive system, and an electric-hydraulic proportional valve is utilized to achieve constant speed.
4. The drive axle of the paver is designed by XCMG, a heavy equipment manufacturer leading in China. It is reliable and durable.
5. The material feeding and distribution systems are independently controlled, and are reliable and durable. Supersonic material sensor is utilized to control the material height. Thus, the asphalt paver is provided with precision and reliable performance.
6. The asphalt paving equipment has a 28BH reinforced drive chain to ensure large driving power, and a 360mm large diameter mixing blade as well to ensure high material distribution capacity.

Technical Specifications of Asphalt Paver

Item Unit RP 451L RP601
Basic Paving Width m 2 2.5
Max. Paving Width m 4.5 6
Max. Paving Thickness mm 150 150
Paving Speed m/min 0 ~ 13 0 ~ 3.6
Travel Speed km/h 0 ~ 13 0 ~ 11
Theoretical Productivity Capacity t/h 240 300
Hopper Capacity t 12 13
Gradeability % 20 20
Pavement Evenness mm/3m 3 3
Transverse Leveling Accuracy % ±0.03 ±0.03
Centre Crown Ratio % 0 ~ +3 0 ~+ 3
Diesel Engine Model 4JR3G1 D4114ZG2B
Engine Power kw 55 100
Engine Speed r/min 2200 2400
Fuel Tank Capacity t 130
Machine Weight t 10.5 17.4
Overall Dimensions mm 5690×2070×3590 6400×2580×3830
Tamper Vibration Frequency r/min 3 ~ 42 0-1470
Auger Speed r/min 0 ~ 73
Conveyor Speed m/min 0 ~ 30
Screed Heating Method Gas Heating Gas Heating
Auger and Conveyor Control Automatic Control by Ultrasonic Sensors Automatic Control by Ultrasonic Sensors
Automatic Leveling Control Simulation Control Simulation Control

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