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Concrete Pump Truck

Features of Concrete Pump Truck
1. The use of SN valve in the hydraulic system effectively reduces the impact when changing the direction and solves the pump vibration problem, thus greatly increasing the stability of the concrete pump truck.
2. The adopted S type change valve and new center pumping system feature high efficiency, long service life and convenient maintenance.
3. The hopper can be easily kept in the best inclined position. An automatic rotation device is used to prevent the hopper from being blocked by stone.
4. The concrete pump truck uses delivery pump, reducer pipe and cutting ring which are made using wear resistant materials for long lifetime.

Technical Specifications of Concrete Pump Truck

Model HB37A HB40
Item Unit Parameter
Max. speed km 90 90
Min. turning diameter m 18.4 25.8
Brake distance m 7 ≤10
Approach angle º 31 21
Departure angle º 12 12
Chassis model CXZ51Q VOLVO FM128×4
Total weight kg 28150 2034
1st axle load kg 6780 1831
2nd, 3rd axle load kg 21220 34830
Engine model 6WF1 D12D380
Max. engine power kW 287 279/1700 ~ 1800
Max. engine torque N.m 1862 1850/1100 ~ 1300
Max. grade-ability % 38 38
Fuel consumption (100km) L 34 50
Outline dimensions (Length×Width×Height ) mm 11990×2490×3900 11980×2490×3990

Technical Data for Pumping Operation

Model HB37A HB40
Item Unit Parameter
Theoretical output m3/h 138/90 138/90
Max. delivery pressure MPa 8.7/13 8.7/13
Reach height m 37.4 38.6
Reach depth m 23.7 42.6
Front outrigger transverse span mm 7280 8800
Rear outrigger transverse span mm 6600 8790
Outrigger longitudinal span mm 6860 8850
Delivery pipe diameter mm 125 125
Remote control distance m 100 100
Placing boom slewing range º 370 370

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