Diaphragm Wall Grab

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Diaphragm Wall Grab
XG360  XG500

Features of Diaphragm Wall Grab
1. The diaphragm wall grab adopts hydraulic system and components of world famous brands, which feature stability, reliability and high performance.
2. It is equipped with an advanced programmable angle measuring device, which can record the operation process of the grapple, thus effectively guaranteeing the quality of the work.
3. Our diaphragm wall grab also has advanced intelligent troubleshooting system, depth sounder, protection system and adjustment system.

Specifications of Diaphragm Wall Grab

Model XG360 XG500
Wall depth 60m 70m
Wall thickness 600-1200mm 600-1500mm
Max. hoisting power 360KN 500KN
Max. hoisting/lowering speed 35m/min 35m/min
Grab opening time 6sec 6sec
Grab closing time 7sec 7sec
Hydraulic system pressure 30Mpa 30Mpa
Rated power 242/2100KW/rpm 298/2100KW/rpm
Undercarri a ge
Max. traveling speed 1.5Km/h 1.5Km/h
Max. grade ability 40% 40%
Min. ground clearance 468mm 425mm
Track shoe width 800mm 800mm
Track gauge 3500 ~ 4400mm 3500 ~ 4800mm
Dimension(length, width, height)
Working condition 10200x4400x17097mm 10800x4800x18560mm
Transportation condition 12850x3500x3395mm 13200x3500x3452mm
Overall Drilling weight(without grab) 58T 65T

As a professional diaphragm wall grab supplier in China, we also provides dump truck, aerial work platform, cold milling machine, crawler bulldozer, all terrain crane, concrete mixer truck, and other construction machinery.

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