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Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

Features of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine
1. Engine: The engine adopts the dual-power system, each of which can complete all the actions of the machine independently. The controller can realize the revs synchronization of the two engines. It also has the limiting power control function, which is specially designed for the horizontal directional drilling machine to prevent the engine from overloading.
2. Parts: All the pumps, motors, and controllers use products of world famous brands.
3. Reducer: The reducer has strong carrying capacity, big application safety factor, and long service life.
4. Structure parts: The frame and drill stand made of high-intensity steel ensure reliable performance of the horizontal directional drilling machine.
5. Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system is equipped with the hydraulic and electronic monitoring device, which can ensure safety. It adopts many advanced control techniques, such as PLC control, electrohydraulic proportion control, load sensing control, etc., which can reduce energy consumption.

Specifications of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

Model XZ280 XZ680
Engine shangchai SUMMINS
Rated power kW 140 250
Max. pullback/thrusting kN 280/280 680/680
Spindle torque(max) N.m 10000 27000
Spindle speed r/min 0-120 0-100
Backreaming diameter mm 750 1000
Tubing length(single) m 3 6
Tubing diameter mm 73 102
Entry angle º 10~23 10~18
Mud flow rate(max) L/min 250 600
Mud pressure (max) bar 80 100
Overall weight kg 12500 25000
D imension (LxWxH ) mm 7100×2260×2450 11000×2800×3300

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