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Rotary Drilling Rig
XR280  XR360

Features of Rotary Drilling Rig
1. The rotary drilling rig adopts the hydraulic retractable track chassis, which allows for stability and convenience during transportation.
2. The drill rod is attached with an extra bracket, which reduces the shake of the drill rod during construction, and ensures the drilling verticality.

Specifications of Rotary Drilling Rig

M odel XR280 XR360
Engine Model CUMMINS QSM11-C400 CUMMINS QSM11-C400
Rated Power KW/rpm 298/2100 298
Rotary Drive Max. output torque kN·m 280 360
Rotary speed r/min 7 ~ 22 6 ~ 25
Max. Drilling Diameter With casing mm Ф2000 Ф2000
Without casing mm Ф2500 Ф2500
Wi th out 1st mast mm Ф3000
Max. Drilling Depth m 88,74 96,81, 65
Pull-Down Cylinder Max. pull-down piston push KN 210 240
Max. pull-down piston pull KN 220 220
Max. pull-down piston stroke m 6.0 6.0
Main Winch Max. pulling force KN 260 320
Max. pulling speed m/min ≥60 72
Auxiliary Winch Max. pulling force KN 100 100
Max. pulling speed m/min ≥65 ≥65
Mast Rake Side/forwards/backwards ±4º/5º/15º ±4º/5º/15º
Undercarriage Max. traveling speed KM/h 1.5 1.5
Max. grade ability % 40 40
Min. Clearance mm 425 425
Track shoe width mm 800 800
Distance between tracks mm 3500 ~ 4800 3500 ~ 4800
Hydraulic System Working pressure Mpa 32 33
Overall Drilling Weight t 82 90
Dimension Working condition mm 10670×4800
Transportation condition mm 17380×3500

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